Final Report to the AHRC

Just a brief update! Since the initial, funded period of our project has now come to a close, we’ve recently submitted our end of year report to the AHRC. In this report we assess the efficacy of our skills training and outreach programmes, and I’m pleased to say that we were able to report that the project was a great success! I won’t bore you with the full report, but here are two highlights:

  •  “It is our perception that all participants have met these aims by developing public engagement skills. While it was impossible to evaluate the development of soft skills, we have relied on self-assessment to determine attitudes toward the training workshops. All but one (92%) of respondents to a survey (n=12) held the overall quality of training provided to be either ‘Good’ (17%) or ‘Excellent’ (75%). The remaining respondent thought the workshops to be ‘satisfactory’ (8%). Perhaps the most significant indicator of these workshops is that 100% of respondents agreed that, based on their experience of these workshops, they would be interested in taking part in a similar event in future years.”
    Indeed, the most major negative complaint seems to be that one respondent to our survey didn’t like the dressing on the sandwiches we provided for lunch– if that’s the biggest issue, we think we can definitely count this one as a success!
  • “Not only have our participants been extremely successful in providing storytelling events at a range of primary schools throughout the UK, but the training facilitated by our project has inspired a constellation of related events. Upon request from secondary school teachers, we expanded our target audience and performed to KS3 students. In addition, there have been several other events, organised independently by participants who were trained and inspired by our workshops. These included a performance at the Banbury Literary Live festival, two performances at the Cambridge Festival of Ideas, a storytelling event at a London pub, a performance at a retirement home, two reflective papers at conferences in Oxford and Cork, and a conference on the theme of Stories and Storytelling in the Medieval World.”

And although our year’s funding has come to an end, the project continues to run. Through the efforts of individual participants, using the skills gained on our project, a range of events are taking place or are planned for this summer, which continue to delight children and adults alike.

Gareth Evans

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